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The Fish Veterinary Society (FVS) was formed in July 1990 by a small group of veterinarians with a shared interest in fish; from small beginnings the membership has grown to 124 (at June 2009).

In December 1999 the decision was taken to create a new category of member (Associate) so that non-veterinarians with an interest in fish health and welfare could contribute to the Society. Associate Membership is available to fish pathologists, fish health consultants and other suitably qualified individuals holding an appropriate degree. Associate members enjoy the same rights as Full Members except that only the latter may serve on Committee and vote at meetings.Veterinary students are encouraged to take advantage of free membership until they graduate.

Members’ professional interests extend to all areas of fish health and welfare. Some members are employed full-time in the fish farming industry, whilst others are involved in the treatment of ornamental fish or have specialised in fish pathology, academic research, pharmaceuticals, fish food manufacture and medicines legislation.

In January 1996 the first issue of the Fish Veterinary Journal (FVJ) was published. The production of the Journal is a time consuming activity and much credit is due to past and present Publications Officers.

In October 2001 the FVS was recognised as a Specialist Division of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and at present the Society is represented on BVA Council. This provides the opportunity to lobby at national and international level in matters of policy.

The cornerstones of the Society are the annual scientific meeting and the Journal. Presentations and ensuing published papers are invariably of high quality and reflect the diverse interests of members and invited speakers. We are indebted to the generous support we receive from sponsors without whom the Society`s activities would be significantly curtailed.

In 2004, the autumn scientific meeting in Edinburgh was devoted to fish welfare attended by members and non-members alike and the proceedings were published as a book `Fish Welfare` edited by a founding member of the Society Edward Branson, who sadly died before the book was finished.

FVS is administered by a Committee of volunteers elected by the Full membership at an AGM during the annual scientific meeting. It is a condition of the Society`s status as a Specialist Division of BVA that only BVA members may serve on Committee.

The current Committee is:

President Matthijs Metselaar DVM PhD MRCVS MIFM
Senior Vice-President Ronnie Soutar BVM&S MSc MRCVS
Junior Vice-President Nikos Steiropoulos DVM MSc MBA MRCVS
Secretary Dario Mascolo BVM MSc MRCVS
Treasurer Chris Walster BVMS MVPH CertAqV MRCVS
Publications Officer David W Sutherland BVM&S MSc MRCVS
Elected Member Stuart Becker BVSc PhD MRCVS

Past Presidents:

 1990  Graham Cawley
 1991  Tony Wall
 1993  Ronnie Soutar
 1995  Peter Southgate
 1997  Andrew Grant
 2000  Marian McLoughlin
 2001  Edward Branson
2004  Lydia Brown
2006  Hamish Rodger
 2007  Marianne Pearson
 2008  Andrew Grant
 2009  Peter Scott
 2014  Jimmy Turnbull
 2016  Ronnie Soutar

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