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2018 FVS Spring Conference

The FVS Spring Conference has become over the years, a much needed and very welcome opportunity for fish health professionals to come together and review important topics in a convivial and professional atmosphere of knowledge share. The two-day 2018 FVS conference, held just outside Edinburgh, offered valuable insights into ways to improve fish and welfare [...]


FVS AGM elects new committee

The Fish Veterinary Society (FVS) is administered by a Committee of volunteers elected by the Full membership at an AGM during the annual scientific meeting. This year's AGM elected the following members as the Committee representing the Society until the next year's Conference/AGM: President Matthijs Metselaar DVM PhD MRCVS MIFM Senior Vice-President Ronnie Soutar [...]


The Fish Veterinary Society Prize

The Fish Veterinary Society Prize is offered to encourage members to publish papers in the Fish Veterinary Journal that contribute to our knowledge of fish health and welfare. The prize will consist of a signed certificate acknowledging the contribution of the winner and a free registration to the next scientific meeting of the Fish Veterinary Society [...]


Ruma Guidelines

The following guidelines are now available to download in PDF format: Responsible use of anti-parasitics in aquaculture. Responsible use of antimicrobials in fish production (a summary article is also available). Responsible use of vaccines and vaccination in fish production (a summary article is also available).


Emerging Disease Database Updates

ED Updates (PDF format)    2015 ED update 281 (9 November 2015) ED update 279 (4 November 2015) ED update 278 (26 October 2015) ED update 277 (7 October 2015) ED update 271 (30 June 2015) ED update 270 (19 June 2015) ED update 269 (5 May 2015) ED update [...]


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