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Aquaculture plays a key role in UK and worldwide food security, providing high quality protein and lipids essential for a healthy human diet (NHS 2012).  The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations provides a clear picture of the importance of aquaculture (FAO 2012).  Against a backdrop of declining wild fish stocks aquaculture has been one of the fastest growing food production sectors for more than 40 years.  It is the only food production sector growing faster than human population and provides 47% of the aquatic food in the human diet.  Globally aquaculture produced more than 59.9 million tonnes of food for humans in 2010 with a value of more than £77.1 billion and aquatic products are the world’s largest traded food commodity.

In the UK salmon farming alone produced more than 154,164 tonnes in 2010 with a worldwide retail value of over £1 billion making it Scotland’s larges agricultural export and a very significant UK agricultural export (SSPO 2012).

Links and resources

  • A Code of Good Practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture, Scottish finfish aquaculture has world-class standards in line with this Code of Good Practice. It was introduced in 2006 and Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, the British Trout Association and marine flatfish producers all subscribe to it. It is independently audited to ensure that its high standards underpin this successful industry.
  • Scotland’s Aquaculture website, Aquaculture is an industry of growing importance in Scotland providing valuable jobs and income for the economy. The Scottish aquaculture industry is regulated with a view to promoting food safety, compliance with legislation and sustainability. This website has been developed in partnership by several government organisations to provide access to a range of information about aquaculture in Scotland.
  • British Trout Association, the British Trout Association (BTA) represents the UK trout farming industry and aims to provide a legislative framework for the industry, to support research and development and to promote marketing activities within the industry. BTA was set up in 1983 and represents in the region of 80% of trout production in the UK with over 100 members made up of trout farmers, feed suppliers and a number of aquaculture academic institutes.
  • Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) is at the centre of Scottish salmon farming’s industry-wide initiatives and public communication, acting as a trusted source of information and a strong industry voice. The organisation plays a central role in representing its members on political, regulatory, media and technical issues in Scotland, the UK, EU and internationally.


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