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The BVA Animal Welfare Foundation (BVA AWF) is pleased to launch a new leaflet on Ornamental Fish Keeping; the latest in a series of information leaflets designed to assist pet owners.

Ornamental Fish KeepingOrnamental Fish Keeping aims to provide most of the information needed before purchasing your first fish, deciding which fish will suit you best and gives crucial advice in order to keep your fish healthy.

The leaflet outlines welfare needs, gives guidance on whether to choose freshwater or marine fish, and stresses the importance of purchasing fish from a reputable source. It also gives advice on the facilities required and how to maintain an aquarium or pond (with particular reference to water quality and plants) as well as highlighting the importance of correct diet and how to spot signs of disease or environmental deficiencies.

Speaking on behalf of the charity, BVA AWF Chairman and veterinary surgeon, Carl Padgett, said:

“Whether you’re thinking of buying a couple of goldfish or a variety of tropical fish, ornamental fish keeping is a fun and interesting hobby but it is vitally important to understand the needs of these fish and to maintain an environment in which they will flourish and remain healthy.

“I am delighted that the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation has produced this leaflet which gives valuable guidance on purchasing one’s first fish as well as sound, practical advice on looking after these beautiful creatures and ensuring they are kept in a healthy living environment.”

Ornamental Fish Keeping is now available for download from the BVA AWF website at www.bva-awf.org.uk.

Veterinary practices can obtain batches of leaflets for the waiting room by emailing the BVA AWF at: bva-awf@bva.co.uk.

Members of the public can also request individual copies.

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