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The Fish Veterinary Society Prize

The Fish Veterinary Society Prize is offered to encourage members to publish papers in the Fish Veterinary Journal that contribute to our knowledge of fish health and welfare. The prize will consist of a signed certificate acknowledging the contribution of the winner and a free registration to the next scientific meeting of the Fish Veterinary Society (FVS) following publication.

  • The papers must be authored by a member of the FVS. Authors may be full (voting) members, associate members, student members or honorary life members. Joint authored papers can be submitted and the prize may be shared if all authors are members of the FVS (only FVS members are eligible for the prize).
  • The content of the papers must be original and relevant to fish health and welfare, and may relate to farmed, ornamental or wild species.
  • The papers must have been presented at a FVS scientific meeting within two years of publication.
  • Papers submitted for publication will automatically be considered for the prize and do not require further action to be taken by the author.
  • The panel of judges will consist of the president, the secretary and vice president. In the absence of any one of these committee members, the immediate past president will cast a vote.
  • The prize will be presented at the annual scientific meeting of the FVS following publication.

Past Winners of the FVS Prize

2014   John McArdle
Nov 2014


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