Josip Barisic PhD MRCVS

Senior Vice-President

Josip graduated from the University of Zagreb, Croatia in 2007 and started his career as a researcher in aquaculture and fish health. Josip obtained his PhD in Interdisciplinary field of science, Natural and Biotechnical sciences. He has 15 years of experience of working in both academia and diagnostics services for Scottish aquaculture.

Currently, Dr. Barisic occupies the position of R&D Manager at Wellfish Tech, where he oversees innovative projects and research initiatives aimed at enhancing fish health and sustainability in aquaculture. Since 2019, Dr. Barisic has been an active member of the Fish Veterinary Society (FVS) and has recently been honoured with the position of President. In this role, he champions the advancement of fish veterinary science, fostering a community of professionals dedicated to the health and welfare of aquatic life.