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The Fish Veterinary Society serves as a collaborative platform for Veterinary Surgeons, Fish Health Professionals, and veterinary students who share a passion for fish welfare.

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Our mission is to advance the health management of farmed fish, ornamental fish, and those in public aquaria. We invite applications from veterinarians, veterinary students, and qualified fish health professionals to join our community. Through our conferences, publications, and member resources, we aim to be the leading authority in fish health and welfare.

Meet the Society Team

At the Fish Vet Society, we're not just about fish health; we're about the people who make it happen. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to advancing the field of aquatic veterinary medicine, ensuring the well-being of fish populations, and supporting the professionals who care for them. Click on the portraits below to learn more about each team member and their unique contributions to our society.

Our Constitution

The Fish Vet Society operates under a comprehensive constitution that outlines our mission, governance, and ethical standards. This document serves as the backbone of our society, ensuring we operate transparently and effectively for the benefit of aquatic veterinary medicine.

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BVA Committee and Working Groups

Our society thrives on the collective expertise and dedication of our Committee and Working Groups. These are the individuals who drive our initiatives, uphold our standards, and work tirelessly to advance the field of aquatic veterinary medicine. Explore the grid below to meet our committee members and learn about their roles, contributions, and areas of expertise.

Organising Committee

Andre Van
Andrei Bordeianu
Jamie Smart
Darren Docherty
Bryony Glover

Past Presidents

Graham Cawley
Tony Wall
Ronnie Soutar
Peter Southgate
Andrew Grant
Marian McLoughlin
Edward Branson
Lydia Brown
Hamish Rodger
Marianne Pearson
Andrew Grant
Peter Scott
Jimmy Turnbull
Ronnie Soutar
Ronnie Soutar
Matthijs Metselaar
Nikos Steiropoulos
Dario Mascolo
Dario Mascolo
Rachel Brown

Our Mission

Our mission at the Fish Vet Society is to be the leading authority in aquatic veterinary medicine. We aim to provide unparalleled resources, education, and support to veterinarians, researchers, and industry professionals. Through collaboration and innovation, we strive to improve the health and welfare of fish populations globally.

Our Vision

Looking ahead, our vision is to set the global standard for excellence in aquatic veterinary medicine. We envision a future where sustainable practices, advanced research, and ethical treatment are not just ideals, but the norm. By empowering our members and fostering partnerships, we seek to make a lasting impact on the field and contribute to the greater good of aquatic life.
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    The Fish Vet Society is committed to advancing the study and practice of fish veterinary medicine. By becoming a member, you join a network of professionals dedicated to the highest standards of care and expertise. Enjoy the benefits of knowledge sharing, professional development, and a sense of community that only membership can provide.

    Not ready to join just yet? No problem. We welcome inquiries from all individuals and organisations interested in our work. Contact us to learn more about our society, our mission, and how we can work together for the betterment of aquatic animal health.